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The Future of Internet Sharing . Routers

What is a router ? Why do I need a Router ?

What is a Router ? A Router is an electronic device that forward data pakets along a network, either via a network cable , or , now ,  via wireless radio waves (called WiFi) . Data is sent both ways (inputs - outputs) and directed every time to the correct location , if multiple computers are connected with the router . Routers performs a Internet Connection Sharing , allowing multiple computers to share the same internet connection .

 Why do I need a Router ? With the increase of internet speed world wide , the internet connection sharing devices (routers) have become more popular then ever . Now in every city you may find WiFi networks , that will allow your laptop or phone to connect to the internet .  

Routers are so popular that , someday , every internet user will like to have one in his home , to share one internet connection with his PC, laptop , phone  . Find out useful information about setting up your own router , without any help , right here .

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